Tuesday, August 21, 2018

My blog opened this morning and I wondered what it wanted from me. As you know, I only like posting positive comments so I won’t relate about the plumbing issues but will tell you about a wonderful little church my Sister and I visited on our trip to the east coast.  It was raining cats and dogs on this Sunday morning and men were in the parking lot with umbrellas at the United Methodist  Church in Lizella, Georgia. I was researching material for the next book and was determined, Charleston, Beaufort and Savannah held the answer but since the books name is Sweet Summer Rain I might be mistaken. If you are on social media join them and soak up (no pun intended) some southern worship with these Godly people.  Hugs💞

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Headed to vote. If you are registered please thank God for our liberty and freedom and go cast your ballot. If you are not registered please do so before our next election. This is how your voice is heard even though I’m a little disheartened over the 60 minute report of congress facilitating the spread of opioids by taking power from FDA, but by voting we can let our voices be heard.

Saturday, June 23, 2018

What do you do on a rainy day? Patches believes laying and watching it rain is perfect.
Hard to believe that another week is gone.  I’m in my favorite morning spot, my morning reading area in the north side of the south. This is where I have coffee and see what the Lord has to say through my bible studies I subscribe to.

The rain is such a blessing, thank you, Lord. I have a few limbs down but the garden tours this morning will be the real challenge.  Robin Glenn is one of the homes on the tour so be sure and stop by.

Friday, June 22, 2018

Sunday after church I fixed chicken fried steak for my son and his wife and great grandchild.  Yummy.  The baby ate three corn on the cob. Kept her the rest of Sunday and Monday. She is such a joy and we had great time. She loved it when the mowers came and we rotated our viewing options to stay current.

Tuesday was busy starting with Creative Quills writing group at Carnegie Library then lunched at Our Glass. It was Colin’s Birthday.  I’m no telling his age.

Left there ran home changed clothes and went to help with Blessing Baskets summer food program. A lot of needy families are better off after their visit. Thank you, Lord for this nonprofit organization.

Left there and grabbed a brown bag and ate with Share and Care group and played dominos. I didn’t win 😥 but we just enjoy playing the game, right.  Keeps our mind young.  Wonder what it does for our bodies.  Lol

Came home and wrote some more on Sweet Summer Rain until after midnight then got up and wrote Wednesday until class time at Write, Publish and Market your book.

Thursday I wrote a little and fixed broccoli cheese casserole for Bunco in Choctaw.  DID I WIN?😥But I Just, well you know the rest.

Spent the night with my Sister and now back to writing and thanking God for the blessing of this gentle rain ☔️ we are receiving.


Thursday, June 21, 2018

Attended OKRWA meeting Saturday at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art and the guest speaker was Mel Odom. He spoke on the pros and cons of New York publishing via an Agency or Self-publishing.  He also told about the difference in royalties received from each. He touched on Amazon, Kindle and said Kindle Unlimited is the best thing out there. Time with him was so limited that I am eager for his return through OKRWA or another venue. I did tag him on FB.  Seems he is into building.

Ebook contest

Have you ever thought about entering your ebook in a contest.  Well now is your chance.  Good luck!
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Entry: Non DRM PDF as email attachment

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