Sunday, June 19, 2016



Looking for peace?  Peace of mind, quiet peace or that peace that transcends all other.  Peace from grief, though I think only comes with time or at least for me with time and God's help.

Some people I understand, have never been very good at accepting their circumstances and embracing their blessings.  Not because we don’t enjoy our blessings and some people even overlook blessings as they consider it just life.  We are told to "Count all things Joy!"  I have a friend that has that written on a beautifully framed chalkboard as you enter her home and what a nice reminder to anyone entering that her home embraces joy.

The fifth of next month it will be 29 months since my love heart, my soul...

Being married to Glen has not been a detriment, by any sense of the word.  I’ve been manicured, pedicured, massaged, fluffed, buffed, polished, cooked for and just basically pampered so much more than the average person, that I qualified as a kept woman.

I remember when we lived on Elm after moving back from Pennsylvania, as I was walking my Daddy to his truck.  He stopped and said "Babe, you are truly happy."  I said, "yes, it doesn't get much better than this."  Then, within a few weeks Daddy had a stroke.  I tried to revisit and reclaim that moment with my Father.  That "no time better than" moment.  But then, that feeling of desperation that something terrible is going to happen or you are facing another day where your loved one is sick and you feel so helpless and all this after just being at that ultimate lofty blessed above all site.  How do I reclaim those moments.  My life with Glen, I love you Baby, forever and ever Amen! The special time with my Daddy.  Happy Fathers Day, Daddy.

Well, my love showed me.  All you that know me, know I love flowers, not just selfishly for myself but I love to give and share.

As I sat out back in our special place on the swing where many a day and night we enjoyed the garden and parks edge together, I looked up and said "Happy 52nd Anniversary, Baby" and from the still quiet moment the wind forcefully began to blow from the North.  The trees whipped to and fro,  the wind chimes beat against the house and then just as quickly as it started it stopped.  I looked up and said "very impressive sweet heart, very impressive".

I love you so much, Glen.  I know you and our baby son are having a great day.  I thank you for coming to me in our garden where the Lord gives us all peace.  You know where God suddenly fills us with JOY where just a moment before we were empty.

Finding a beautiful, silent place to call your own is necessary for me.  I found it in a garden and the Lord gave it to us in the 23rd Psalms..  like

 2He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:  You see, He’s giving us PERFECT REST
 3He restoreth my soul: You see, PERFECT HEALTH
 I will fear no evil:  PERFECT SAFETY
 5Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: PERFECT CALM
 and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.
You see, there it is…. DWELL IN HIS HOUSE FOREVER…He gives us that PERFECT PEACE.
Those moments are, for me, the ultimate thing to be grateful for. The real reason my life really is meaningful, and the reason why I’m grateful for having it.
And that is a blessing I can feel grateful for every day of the year.