Wednesday, June 24, 2020

       Hello everyone. Thank you so much for the likes and comments I've received. The Pandemic has opened up a whole different world for a lot of us. At least for me, it is strange being unable to dash here and there unconcerned and oblivious to any danger greater than the flu. 
      Streaming is all-consuming and six seasons of Longmire went quickly but looking for another Netflix high is near impossible. What has been your binge?
    I did plant a small garden and the wonderful people at Ross' delivered my plants. The tomatoes and onion on my scrambled egg sandwich were the best. I want butter lettuce next year. At the other house, we had asparagus that had made its way from our neighbors and is only a fond memory now. 
        My little Jack Russell, Patches had a birthday last month and is fifteen but hasn't slowed down much. He loves keeping the squirrels in tip-top shape and a walk in the park is on his daily agenda.
            Okay, it's your turn. Read any good books lately???
           What's your go-to comfort food? I'm thinking goulash. Maybe not cold enough for goulash and fried potatoes just yet. I could handle okra though.
            Great having this chat, so until next time wishing you all the best and sending prayers of protection for you and yours. God is good.💞

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