Saturday, June 18, 2022

Yet, one more season of my life!

 I have been debating how to get this out to my book readers, so just gonna blog it.

  My husband, Glen, passed in 2014. I started journaling, then putting my feelings on social media. My friends said I was making them sad. So I stopped. Then I saw a small ad in the local paper asking a simple question, "Have you ever thought about writing?"

  I looked at Patches, my Jack Russell terrier, and said, "I believe I might give it a try."

  The first day I went to the group, Creative Quills, was May 10, 2016, and you are asking, how I know the date for certain. Well, I was scared to death. I hadn't even brought writing material, but the sweet lady who started the class, Andrea Foster, quickly handed me a college composition book, the pen I managed to fish out of my purse. Thank you, Lord, for small favors. We wrote to music and I came up with nothing. A big fat zero. Andrea still reminds me that everyone in the class thought I would not return, but I did and on May 24, 2016, I once again sat meekly, only listening, and then...

     Eureka, Andrea passed a box full of names and everyone took one. I drew, Rosie Redmond. I started writing, as I felt Rosie was an old friend. Just by holding that small strip of paper I immediately knew that Rosie was a scrubwoman in a high-rise office building and she had a friend named Sadie. The beginning of my first book and book 1 of my 'Season's Series' "A Different Season" was born. It was non-stop writing, and a lot of sticky notes I used to capture my every thought before I forgot. (Now I use my phone.) Book one was finished on August 22, 2016. I know now, that was in record time.

   Andrea, anxious to promote each person set up an interview with a newspaper that sent a reporter. When it was my time, I said I was through with my first book, A Different Season, thus named because I am in a different season than all my other friends. But to my astonishment, I kept talking and said my second book is, "Mist of the Moment", third, "Sweet Summer Rain" and fourth, "Wind of Change" Wow, everyone turned and looked at me. Where did that come from? Then the lady next to me leaned in and said, "Oh, a season's series, nice." Well, no it wasn't, but thank you, now it is."

  Book two, "Mist of the Moment" flew by much like "A Different Season". Then came book three, "Sweet Summer Rain."

   This is where I will leave you for now, because the most difficult part to relate is the next season of my life.

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